Sunday, August 15, 2010

The End is Here.

The End of Summer.
The End of my days filled with my little boy. 

This Summer sure flew by fast. 
Brady learned how to ride his bike.  
(on his first attempt, I was very worried he was never going to get it. But he picked it up very fast!)
He even took the training wheels off himself. 
He heard his cousin was learning to ride and he couldn't be outdone.

We spent most of the summer on our Farm.  
Doing farm things.
Or at my Parent's House.
Doing more farm things.
Above, Brady is posing "at the Pumps."
 His Dad spent a lot of time "at the Pumps" this summer because of all the rain.  
That is the Missouri River in the background.  

We did manage a few days in Branson, minus the Dad.
And we fit swim lessons and T-ball in.
Lots of fun.  Lots of great memories of my last days with my boy.

Here are my niece and nephew and my boy. . .hamming it up at my Parent's house.

Even though it doesn't sound like it, I am VERY excited for Brady to start school!
We met his teacher and she seems really nice.  
I said, "Brady, I think you are really going to like your teacher."
Brady said, "I already do like her, Mom."
I think she is going to be perfect.
Such a milestone. . .starting school.   
I know the next few years are going to fly by, just like these first five have.
And the schedule school will bring to our family, is going to be life changing for us!
Especially in the winter!
I know Brady is going to love it and do great.
I just hope I am somewhat composed as I leave my little guy. . who isn't so little anymore. . .in the care of other people. . .meeting new friends and learning new things.