Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend.

Brady & Eli at Layne's birthday party.

Just about the entire gang at the Birthday party.  
The birthday boy is on the right, holding the football.
They had a Spartan Football Party. . .and Brady actually joined in on the football game.
He had a blast.
Though, he was sad he never once touched the football.  
I'm just glad he had fun and joined in! 

Brady loading our watermelon we had just eaten. 
It was our third for the day and not our last!
One of the benefits of raising watermelon on your farm!

Throwing it away.  I think he just wanted to smash it.

My brother-in-law would be very proud of this hat!!

Nothing too exciting over our Labor Day Weekend.
We did get to sleep in!  I wasn't sure if we would be able to!
Lots and lots of watermelon. . .picked, loaded, and eaten.
Pizza at Van Till Farms on Friday night.  That place is amazing!  If you are close, you have to go!
Birthday Party on Saturday Night.
Hanging around home on Sunday and Monday.

Now, we are gearing up for Corn Harvest on our farm.  
Just waiting for it to dry.
Kind of like waiting for a pot boil. . .feels about the same!
And I see some Pumpkin Picking in my near future!  

Hope you had a good Holiday!  

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