Friday, October 15, 2010

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies. . .

Please step away from the P-Touch label maker. . . .and no one will get hurt.

I borrowed my MIL's P-Touch yesterday and boy howdy I am hooked.
I warned my  husband everything not moving will have a label.
He joked even the pile of laundry at the foot of the bed.
Sometimes men don't know what is OK to say and what is not.

These are the first labels I made. . .

Inside the 12x12 Iris Containers (I purchased these at Michaels and Joanns) are all of my stickers.  Well, my non-CTMH Stickers anyway.  See the pink just slightly showing above?  I used to keep my stickers stored in pretty pink baskets on top of this cabinet.  As you can expect, I never used said stickers.  This shelf was really a hodge podge of stuff that I never used either.  SO. . .I broke up my stickers into different categories.  I pretty much had this done already.  If you click on the image, you should be able to read the labels easily.  I LOVE this size of label.  Easy for me to read!

Next up, some of my fun stuff. . . Embossing Powder, Re-inkers, and Paint.  Plus other inks, older CTMH inks, non-ctmh embossing powder, stickles, other distressing stuff. . . I used these 12x12 Sterilite draws from Walmart.  I was bummed at first, because my re-inkers and other things didn't fit inside standing up.  Well duh. . . they certainly fit laying down!!   Works just great!!!!

These are 12x12 Iris containers again, but in the Cart this time!  I use these to store my CTMH embellishments. I have them organized by color (thanks Tresa Black for that tip!)  So all of my Red buttons, brads, small ribbons, etc are in one drawer.  I REALLY love this!!   I also have ribbon in three of the drawers.  Two are CTMH only and one is some new ribbon and ric-rac that I picked up recently.

I picked up this container at an Orschelns of all places!!!  I keep all of my plain CTMH Chipboard in these bins.  Love it!!  If I wasn't a CTMH Consultant, I would keep all of my chipboard in these bins.  All colors shapes etc. . . but I like to keep my CTMH and other stuff separate. . .

Even my Scrap Paper couldn't avoid me and my label maker!!!!  I have shown you this cart before.  I LOVE it very, very much!  I keep all of my CS scraps in each of the bins.  I search here first before I cut into a new piece of cardstock!

I really can't believe it is Friday already.
Once again, it has been a super busy week.
Any crafting time I have had has been spent on my Workshop Projects. . . which will be happening this Sunday at 3pm or making lots of labels!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing . . . you would be SO horrified if you saw the state of my scrapbooking stuff. Notice I didn't say surprised, just horrified :)

Anonymous said...

can you come organize all my stuff since we moved??? :) sara