Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Workshop Projects

We did something a bit different at our Workshop this month. . . and I really liked it.  I have a few minor tweaks to make, but I think it went really well!

First. I {heart} the Mason's Building we used for the very first time on Sunday.  
It is new.
It is perfect for our Workshops.
Big Crops?
No.  It only had about 8 tables in it.
Not enough for all of our ladies and their "stuff."
But it is perfect for our Scrappinista Workshops.
Here is a rundown of what went on this month.

This is the Class Project Kit.  It was $5 and included everything here, besides the Opaques.
Here is a close up of the title using the Chocolate Large Alphabet.  I use this set a lot!
And two of the smaller paper roses.
Here is the other part of the title.  I used a stamp set not available now.  It was a January special last year. . .and the flourish was included as well.  Love this set!  The large Paper Flower is my favorite that I have ever done!  It does take some practice.  They aren't hard, but a bit tedious.  I got my instructions from Tracey Mason.  If you click on the Tutorials link on the right, you should find her video.  I pretty much did it just like she said.  

This is the alternate layout for the Olivia WOTG Kit.  So, you know how your WOTG comes with one featured layout, plus 3 featured cards?  Well, did you know that on my website you can find another layout and more card ideas using the WOTG kit?  All of the recipes for the layouts can be found in either the new Magic Book, Cherish, or Imagine.  This is my interpretation of the alternate layout.  Black does not come with the Olivia Kit. I added it plus some other embellishments.  

The title template is on a neat little CD that you can just pop into your computer, print out the template you need, and presto. . . you have a fun shape like this!  I love this feature to our How-to books!  They show you cool shapes and other things you can make. . .but they also give you the resource to make those same shapes!!!!  I used the Boutique Alphabet set, black ink, black opaques, pewter grommets, and back designer ribbon. I used a black pen to make the faux stitching around the title.  I thought it needed a little something else and I just don't have a sewing machine. . . though it is on my Christmas List!
I really love Clear Buttons!  Here, I used the border flourish stamp from the set that is included in the Olivia WOTG Kit.  I random stamped it all over a scrap piece of bamboo paper.  Then, I used liquid glass and adhered the buttons in various spots on the paper.  I gave them some time to dry.  Probably thirty minutes or so.  Cut them out.  Poked holes through the button holes.  And ran black waxy flax through the holes.  I secured the waxy flax with glue dots to the back of the buttons!  Customizable buttons!  So fun and so easy!  

Pretty much the same as mentioned above.  The leaves come from the Olivia WOTG stamp set as well.  Something else I also did. . .I used a White Daisy ink pad and pressed my Orange (Sunset) Patterned paper into the white.  Just a little bit.  It subdued the bright orange just a bit and I think it made it blend nicely with the rest of the layout.  Not a big change, but just enough!  

So how things worked this month. . .

instead of having a teacher led Class where everyone basically works at the same pace. . . I made stations.

If you purchased the Olivia WOTG Kit,  you could choose to work on the 

Featured Layout at station #1
the Alternate Layout at Station #2
or the Class Kit Layout at Station #3.

I don't think I had anyone get to all of the stations.  But most got done with at least two stations!  
Hey, that is 4 layouts in 3 hours. . .plus time to order, gab, and talk about the Relay for Life Crop for a Cure!  I think we got a lot done in a day!

The building does cost us to use.  I collected a $2 donation from everyone who attended.  It will typically be close to this amount.  For 2-3 hours $2.  For 3-5 hours $3  5-6 hours $4  and all day $5
This is just the guide we are using now.  It is a brand new building and these things could change!

Up next month, Mistletoe WOTG!!!!!!   
We will be having our Workshop on Friday, November 5 from 4pm-9pm
at the Mason's building!
If you are interested, I need your WOTG order by Oct. 27!
And if you would just like the Class Kit (typically under $10) I need that order by the 27th to guarantee your kit!!!  

In December, we will be meeting the first Saturday, December 4 at the Richmond United Christian Presbyterian Church.  From 9am-9pm.  Check my Calendar for details!

And don't forget about our Crop and Shop for a CURE!  November 12 and 13!!!  

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