Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So maybe this won't be as exciting for some. . . BUT I am super excited this morning!

If you go and watch the newest episode of CTMH TV on my website. . . here is the link. .  Or copy and past this into your browser.

I submitted some pictures awhile ago to CTMH and low and behold. . .there they were this morning!

Let me know if you can spot the familiar looking people!  Clue. . .we grow very large pumpkins. . . AND it is towards the end of the show. . .before the Studio J segment!!!!!!

AND it is a DELIGHT (that is another clue!!!)

Post a comment here or shoot me an email. . . . so I know how many have seen our only claim to fame!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First of all, how cool is that?? Those pics are adorable, and I have always loved that one of Brady and Eli. How exciting!

ALso, how cool are those flip flaps???