Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mizzou wins!

Wow.  What a game.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire 4 quarters.  But, oh was it a good one!
My Missouri Tigers FINALLY beat the Oklahoma Sooners.  Such a nice feeling!  The last time we beat them was in 1998.  

Next up, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Sure hope we can send them out of the Big 12 Conference with a nice sound loss to the Tigers!  

Still trying to enjoy this victory for a short time, before I start getting worried for next Saturday.  

Oh. . .and I want to apologize to all of my twitter followers out there, because I have been obsessed with any Mizzou tweets this week and will probably continue to do so until football season is over.

I'm not much of a Pro-football fan, but I do like when the KC Chiefs win!!!
And my hometown Spartan team is undefeated as well. . . .they are Conference and District Champs too!  Let's hope we can follow them clear to St. Louis next month!

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