Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Class Kit Layout and Photoshop.

This is the Layout we will be doing at our Workshop on Sunday, January 16.  
This project is optional, but I only have a limited supply of class kits!
If you are interested, please let me know asap. . . and I will put your name on a kit!

A challenge I have given to myself recently. . .to use more of my papers for projects other than its intended use. . . just mix it up a little bit!

So, can you recognize the yellow polka dot paper I used??  

It is from the Zippidee paper pack.  Still don't recognize it?  It is the backside of the tan polka dot paper!!!

I absolutely love how CTMH gives us two sides of the paper to choose from!!!  This layout is far from the theme of Zippidee. . . and all of our Paper Packs can be used in a similar fashion!  Too much pink in the paper?  Turn it over!  Many times the reverse side is a fun neutral or a blue/green color. . . perfect for a more boyish layout!!  

Supplies I used are all CTMH. . . 
Zippidee Paper Pack
Gray Wool Cardstock
White Daisy Cardstock
Archival Black Ink Pad
Bohemian Alphabet**NEW
Wings WOTG Stamp Set**NEW
Color-Ready Alphabet Stickers- Oxford
Black Grosgrain Ribbon
Micro tip scissors

Anyway. . . for Christmas I received a most wonderful present. . . Photoshop CS5!!  I have wanted this program for SO LONG!  On my old computer I used Photoshop Elements. . .but that was a long while ago!!!  So now I have this cool, new program. . . now I just have to figure out how to use it!!!!!  Above, you can see a watermark image on the first page of my layout.  Not on the second page.  Well, I put it on the second page, but no watermark.   Hmmmmmm.......

There is definitely a learning curve with this program, but I am so excited to learn!!!  Any tips?  Send them my way!

I did download Scott Kelbie's book. . .thanks to the advice of a good friend. . . I like the way he writes and I am sure it will be very helpful!!!

Some thing else to watch out for. . .My Favorite Things. . . I figure Oprah can do it, well then so can I.  The only difference. . .I won't be giving away cars and trips!!  I know we all have things we love to use and I love to learn what my friend's favorite things are. . . SO I will start sharing some of my favorite things. . . or newly discovered items that I think are cool.  

My first things is Photoshop CS5.  It is going to be one of my favorite things, for sure!
Oh and Scott Kelbies books about how to use Photoshop CS5.  

I purchase Photoshop from Adobe's website.
Scott Kelbies book I downloaded from my itunes account, but you can find it on Amazon.  

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