Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Close to My Heart Ink Organizer.

For those of you who know me or follow my blog, you know I love organizing.  Almost as much as I love actually paper crafting.

So, I really LOVE the Close to My Heart Exclusive Ink Organizer!  It holds all 60 of our Exclusive Ink Colors!!!! And our markers too!  It spins, so each color is very easy to reach!  It is so nice to have all of our beautiful colors right at your fingertips!

A cool thing about this organizer. . . it has a carrying case. . . so you can slip your organizer in the bag and carry all of your ink pads with you, easily.  It is absolutely the best thing EVER!

Also. . .there is a re-inker tray you can purchase that will sit right on top. . .and fit inside the carrying case as well.  But, I keep my most used blocks in this tray.  I like having them right there, ready for me to use!

And it is the time of year when everyone is Organizing. . .or so it seems.

And I must include myself in that group.

Yesterday, I pulled out the P-touch Label Maker (One of my Favorite things) and finished labeling my Ink Organizer.  Now, I won't spend a lot of time figuring out which ink I have misplaced (or actually buried under all of my scrapbooking supplies).  I carry my inks to Workshops a lot for my customers to use. . . this helps them stay organized too!!!  I like having my inks in rainbow order. . .sort of anyway. . .and it is nice not to have to reorganize them when I get home from a workshop!!!

So this is my Organization tip of the day. . . And two Products that are my favorites. . . P-Touch Label Maker by Brother AND the Exclusive Inks Organizer from Close to My Heart! 

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