Monday, February 14, 2011


We started planning this retreat last summer (or as soon as the last year's retreat was over actually) and now we are less than two weeks away from our Creative Heart's Retreat. . . .and I am SO EXCITED!

It seemed like February 25, 2011 was SO far away when we booked this retreat. . . and now it is almost here!!

The very first time I  heard about a Scrapbooking retreat I thought it was the silliest thing I had ever heard of.
 It took me awhile, but I soon realized how much fun it actually sounded!
A whole weekend of scrapbooking??
 No interruptions?
What an idea!
Then a good friend of mine planned a one-night retreat at a local Hotel and Spa.
And we were IN.
We thought it would be good to give it a shot and one night seemed like a good start.
We soon realized that one night is not nearly enough!!!

It is a crazy good time.
Just a bunch of girls hanging out.
Having fun.
Doing absolutely whatever we want.
Scrapbook.  Sleep.  Socialize.  Snack.  Shop.  And the list could go on. . . .

Our group grows each time.
I think they hear about how much fun we have at these things and they just can't bear to be left out.
Me neither.

And for those of you who attended that very first retreat at the Elm's Hotel and Spa. . .hopefully you remember our mantra from that very first retreat. . .Scrapbook On Ladies. . . Scrapbook On.  Courtesy of some other patrons of the hotel who were thoroughly impressed with our scrapbooking abilities.  Or maybe they had just been in the lounge too long.  We will never know.

So. . .I have been busily preparing all of our retreat plans. . .as has my good friend and co-organizer, Marsha.  

If you are attending the retreat. . .you are in for a wonderful weekend. . .and a seriously good time!

If you are not attending this retreat, be sure and check out our retreat blog.

We "may" be up for planning another retreat sometime this summer!
We can lay poolside during the day and scrap the night away!

And this retreat fills up fast, so if you are interested. . .be sure and get your name on the list fast!

Scrapbook ON!

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Darcie Johnson said...

I need to attend some year and make it a vacation!!