Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days.

It has been one snowy winter here in the mid-west.  We have had ten snow days since the second week in January.
Yes, 10.
I, for one, absolutely love snow days.
But, even I am reaching my limit, a bit.
Brady's favorite pastime on a snow day is shoveling snow. 

I watched from inside the Scrap Shack. . .he was trying to clear our driveway. . .while it was snowing.  And then he would haul it away around the corner and dump it.  Crazy kid.
We went sledding one day.  
He likes to sled, but he would pick shoveling snow over sledding any day.
Strange kid.

Here is a picture of our backdoor during our most recent blizzard.  
We live in a very flat area along the Missouri River.
The wind is truly something, with nothing to block it.

Here is the kitchen window. . .I love these little birds in the window.  

And this is the view outside.  White out conditions.
We don't live very far from our machine shop.
I asked my husband to please bring home a tractor or some other large piece of machinery. . .in case we have a medical emergency of some sort and need to get out.  The drifts can get really bad on our gravel roads. . . and I worry.  His response was, I can walk to the shop if I have to.  It won't be a problem.  Then his Dad had a hard time getting home and he decided he would rather have a tractor ready then have to walk to the shop to get one.  And of course, the neighbor got stuck and needed help getting home.  He was glad his tractor was already here.    Driving the tractor, in the blizzard, to help the neighbor who was stuck, he thought he was  traveling north.  Next thing he knew our house was in front of him.  This means he had to drive in a complete circle out into the middle of our field, without even knowing it.  I think my husband was then convinced just how dangerous a blizzard can be.  He was turning circles and didn't even know it.
the view of the neighbors house.  
Most of the time during the storm,  you couldn't even see their house.

Playing a fun game of Sorry. . .

Digging out.
We always get a tall drift in the back of our house. . . . 

Even though I really like snow days. . .I am really ready for spring.  

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darcie said...

Oh my goodness Brady is such a big boy! I can't believe I haven't seen him since he was a baby :( I love the snowy pics as you know :)