Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Shower for Twins.

Last month we had a baby shower for my cousin, Kristen.  
She is expecting twin identical baby girls.  The first in our family.
Of course, we are so excited!  
We made her these cute little name banners using the Sophia Paper packet and the Pennant banner. . . both from Close to My Heart.  
Aren't they adorable?  Melissa, Angie, and I were quite proud of ourselves!!  

Here are more of the decorations from the shower.
I thought the clothes line idea was just brilliant!  Well done Tammy and Tarin!

And my Aunt printed the ultrasound picture . . . it looks like the girls are kissing in it!  
Too cute!

 Here is another view of the banners hung up at the shower. 
We held the shower in my Aunt's office board room and the big pink thing is a TV covered up.
Kind of fun to work with so much pink!
 Here is Miss Kris opening presents with the help of my niece, Ella.  
Ella really likes to open presents.
She went around to every person at Christmas and helped them open all of their presents.
She would oohhh and aaaahhhh right with them, no matter what it was!
I "think" Kristen appreciated the help.  But she had a lot of presents and I am not sure if that slowed or sped up the process!
 And possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. . . 
I am not sure who gave this present, but what a clever idea!

It was a great time. . . just can't wait to meet the little cuties!

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Stephanie said...

Adorable! Love the TW IN!