Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day.

Hope you are enjoying a fabulous Valentine's Day today!  We don't celebrate too much in the Burgess Household.  My husband believes in giving one gift a year and then he is done for the year.  It is typically a good gift, but one and done is his motto.  We are building a new house this year, so I think he believes he is done with gift giving forever, because a new house is the ultimate gift!

Brady did have his Valentine's party today and this was his box. . 


We were trying to keep the Valentine's box simple this year.  I suggested a monster.  He accordion folded the arms and legs himself. . .his idea too!!! As were the googly eyes.  Simple but cute.

I cut out heart shapes with my Cricut (how did I ever get along with out it??) and Brady glued on googly eyes and accordion folded the legs, then signed the back.  We were going to get fancier, but he was getting tired and was needing more and more help.  So we simplified our design a bit.  Still cute!

Missouri saw its first "real" snow of the year yesterday.  This was the front moving in from the west on Sunday evening.  I was leaving my sister's house and thought this looked pretty cool.

That snow resulted in a Snow Day on Monday!!!! YAY!  We thoroughly enjoyed it!  We worked on the Valentine's stuff and made sugar cookies!  Brady even dug through our still packed stuff and found his apron his Mimi made for him!!!  He was way into it!  

Then we headed to my parent's farm for some outside time.  It was COLD and drizzling just a bit, but these kids had a blast with Papa pulling them behind the gator on sled.  Brady and my niece Ella even were happy to sit by each other on the sled.  (They are a lot alike).  

My best friend from high school was in town this weekend and I had a wonderful visit with her and another friend.  Sometimes it takes those sort of visits to rejuvenate you a bit. :)

It has been an extremely busy past few weeks. . .heck months!!  I am very guilty of saying, when things slow down, I will get this done.  Well, things haven't slowed down and I don't for see them slowing down anytime soon!!  The BIG Creative Hearts Retreat is coming up this weekend and I am working on getting ready for it!!!!!  I am really looking forward to it!!!! 

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