Saturday, July 7, 2012

House Stuff.

Here are a few more house pictures.  

 Well, to be real honest we had to cheapen up our flooring. . .by quite a bit.  Luckily, we spoke to this lady at the Home Depot in Liberty.  She showed us this really cheap vinyl flooring that we could install ourselves!  So, we bought some for the office to give it a try.  I can't believe how easy it went down and how great it looks!  The only down side I see so far is that it is a bit slick.  It is Trafficmaster Resilient Allure flooring and the color was country pine.  $1.59/sq ft.  Cheap!  

 Here is my kitchen sink!  It is by Kohler and I LOVE it!  I really wanted the Rohl by Shaw or whatever you call it. . .but it was twice as much as the Kohler for the same look.  
I am happy!!  We bought it along with our appliances and other bathroom fixtures at Fergusons in Lenexa, KS.  Ask for Averie.  She is the absolute BEST!  

 Here is Collie putting down the same type of flooring, but a different color in my Craft Room.  I LOVE how it turned out!  This color is Limed Oak.  This color had to be ordered.  The Country Pine we picked up off of the shelf.
 This is pre-airconditioning in the house. . .we were wiped out!  This is the playroom floor and it is also the Limed Oak.  
And here is our porch. . . or at least one side of the porch.  I love it.  What a great birthday present it was!  Brent Vanderford did it and he used a gray dye in the concrete, so hopefully it will keep that dark, painted porch look!!!!  

In other news. . . .Close to My Heart's annual Convention is next week, July 12. 

 I am so excited!  

I must admit, that I have been on sort of a paper crafting hiatus for the past little while.  

I did make some graduation cards in May, that I have yet to mail!  Sorry girls!  

But that is just about it.  

I am spending my time on the house and packing.  

I know you all are getting sick of hearing about this. . . but hopefully I will be a little more settled in the next month or so and we can get back to business!!!!

Anyway. . . back to the Convention. . . I WILL be following all of the updates that will come pouring in on July 12.  They always give some more updates later, but that day will be the big reveal of the fabulous new products.  Just follow me on twitter or my facebook page to see the latest news.  I may even post here, if I get a chance!  

I will also have the new catalog in my hands sometime later in the month.  

Can't WAIT to see it!  

They never disappoint!

Until then, stay cool and I hope you are having an awesome summer!

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