Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paint, Floors, Fishing, and Rocks.

I just noticed that is has been almost a month since I last posted an update.
Here is a little of what has been going on. . . 
All of these photos were taken with my iPhone. 
 Brady standing on the partially built rock wall #2 in front of the house. Collie has fretted over what to do in the front of the house to divert water, make it easy to mow, and to look good.  I think he succeeded.  I will show the finished wall later!  I haven't uploaded those photos yet.  
 Trying to pick the perfect shade of gray.  
And let me tell you, there are WAY more than 50 shades. . . .  :)

We did manage a fishing trip on a Sunday.  Can you believe how big this frog is above?  There were tons of them!

There were several Red eared slider turtles basking on these trees.  
This is the same kind of turtle  as our little turtle, Franklin.  
Hope he makes it to be as big and happy as these guys.
  Brady excited to be fishing and to show off how good of a fisherman he is!
 Mom caught another fish!  
 Brady not so happy that his mother is out fishing him.  He had to give up and pout for a few minutes.  He is used to being the star fisherman.
 Later, Nanny and Pa joined us out on our little island.  Here Nanny and Brady are having some good luck fishing off of the point.
 Joe Burkhardt and crew installed our Red Oak hardwood floors for us and they look amazing!  He will come back once the painters and carpenters are done and finish them!  I just wish we could have done hardwood in every room!  I LOVE them!

Hopefully another month won't go by before I update again!  Our move in date for our house is August 1 and I am getting stressed to the max.  I am very excited too. . . just lots to get done before Aug 1 and that isn't very far away!  Wish us luck. . . .and for some rain, please!  Our crops REALLY need it!  

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