Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creative Hearts Retreat 2013

Look at all of these wonderful ladies!

And all of their cool cameras!!  Ha!

We talked the guy working the front desk in to taking some group shots for us.

Unfortunately, he cut off the left side of the picture!  

This photo wasn't taken with my camera, so I am hoping that mine turned out better!

I will post mine, if it is better.

What can I say about this weekend?? 

 It is absolutely the best weekend ever.  I mean EVER!

Yes, most of the ladies are avid scrapbookers.  But, we always have a few non-scrappers thrown into the mix too.

It is just a great group of gals and a whole lotta fun!  

Two of my roomies and myself arrived in KC on Thursday afternoon. . .after we saw to some Valentine's parties at school.

I shopped at Gap, because I seem to be out growing all of my clothes!  :)

We met up at the hotel and then decided to head out to Houlihans for dinner.

We thought we could beat the Valentines crowd.  No such luck.  We had to wait awhile for a table.  But we finally got one and had an awesome meal with some really great dates!!!

One of my best Valentines for sure!

Then, we went back to the hotel where another roomie met up with us.  We just hung out in the room and talked.  Pretty lame, but so nice to be an off-duty mom for the evening!

Friday morning, we set up the ballroom. . .and then I headed off to the airport to pick up my best friend from college.  She traveled all the way from sunny Florida to scrap and hang out with us!!!  (It was so good seeing you Darc!)

Friday afternoon all of the other scrappers arrived and got down to business!!  

Saturday, pretty much the same as Friday, but we had the entire day to scrap!

Saturday evening, we had snacks in the ballroom and handed up lots of prizes!!!! 

Sunday, everyone finished up their projects and headed home.  Luckily, the hotel let us stay late. . .I think the last scrapper left at 4:30pm!  (Paula!)

Thank you so much to all of the ladies who made this weekend so much fun!!  

I'm already looking forward to next year!

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