Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow much fun.

We got a lot of this white stuff in mid to late February.  
Today there are only traces of it left, though they are calling for a dusting of it tonight.  
I don't really mind winter, but I am definitely ready for spring!
We had six snow days with these two major storms, so we had a lot of snow and indoor activities to keep the little guy busy!

It was a wet snow, so it was perfect for building snow men!  We built two!
Brady's snowman was a lot better than mine!

 Rolling the snow into a ball.

 Probably his favorite activity is scooping snow.  
He goes out while it is still snowing and shovels away!
I am glad he likes it so much, because it is not one of my favorite activities!

 The view from our bedroom window.
You could hear the branches creak and crack, because the snow was so heavy!
 We attempted to put together some puzzles.
This one was a bit too hard for us.
We played several games of monopoly.
Watched movies.
Read books.
Cooked and ate lots of goodies.

We really enjoyed our fireplace.
So nice to sit in front of the fire and watch it snow.
We lost power for a day, so the fire was especially nice then!

And finally the weather was nice enough that we were able to enjoy a day of sledding at my sister and brother-in-law's place.  
The kids had a blast.
We had a blast watching them.
We even had a bonfire and cooked hotdogs and smores.
I do believe smores are probably one of my very favorite foods.  

It was a fun few snow days, but it so nice to be back to our normal schedule.  
And it is so nice to know Spring will be here soon!

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