Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have the best friends EVER.

So this past weekend was a scrapbooking weekend.  But something else happened too. . .

The girls had booked the church to scrapbook, but I knew it was a busy weekend and I probably couldn't stay to scrapbook.

First, the weather was really nice and I have a lot of yard work to do.

Second, my niece was having her first ever soccer game. . .and really there can't be anything cuter than four-year-olds playing soccer.

And third, it was my parent's 40th wedding anniversary and they wanted to do something.  The only problem with that was we (mom, sister, and myself) are all married to farmers, so trying to make a dinner plan during any farming season is always subject to change.

So. . .I visited the Church on Friday and came back on Saturday to visit some more and drop by orders.  I was so surprised to see cars in the parking lot of people I didn't think were attending.  I was just thinking. . .what good luck that we came by at the same time!  Now I can give them their goodies!

I didn't even question my mom, sister, and my other sister (Angie) coming in with me, because they said they needed to have a short Relay for Life meeting.

I didn't even question the basket sitting on the table with lots of pretty tissue paper.  I thought. . .oh. . .they decided to do a Relay Raffle today!  What a good idea!

I did, however, question the giant pink box sitting in front of the table.  And the other pink presents sitting beside it.  It was then that it started to sink in that maybe something else was going on here.

These fabulous girls were throwing me a surprise baby shower.  

No one wanted to yell surprise, in fear that I might immediately go into labor.

Probably a pretty good idea!

I was completely fooled and in awe of these awesome ladies.

I have been scrapbooking for over 12 years and have made some fabulous friends along the way.  When I started this hobby. . .I never dreamed of the new friends I would make, but I hope they know I cherish every single one of them!  We have such a great time at all of our get togethers!  I hope they know how sane they keep me. . . .which really is funny because we are a pretty crazy group!

We took lots of pictures that day, but I don't have any of them. . .and I'm not really sure I want them :).  It was a nice, but windy day and I was a mess. . .hair everywhere. . .make up running (we will blame that on the wind and not the tears!).  But I had a smile a mile wide!

I am still in awe of how nice that was.  It has been eight years since my last baby.  Most of my baby supplies (besides clothes, which won't do me a lot of good since this baby is supposed to be a girl) burned in a fire.  I have a crib and that is it.

So all of these baby supplies were much needed. 

And I had a little helper helping me put the supplies away.

Ella even came back a second day to help me organize the closet and put away/sort some of Brady's old baby clothes and blankets.  It looks like a lot of stuff and it is getting to be that way.  Most of the items in the drawers and on top are Brady's old things.  And I am so glad we put a nice closet in the spare bedroom that we didn't ever think we were going to have to use!  We did make it smaller than originally planned, but it is still very nice!

She was in heaven.  
Not only did she get to play with baby things. . .but we also have a new puppy.  
Meet Daisy.
We are so in love with her. . .Ella is beggin her Daddy to get one too!

Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise!!!  It really means so much to me!  Definitely a day I will never forget!

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