Thursday, June 13, 2013

Picture Overload.

I struggle with picture overload and I am guessing a lot of you do as well.
I have even gone so far as to "forget" my camera, so I wouldn't have to deal with all of the photos I would take.

I love taking pictures.

I love working with those pictures.

I hate them sitting in a box or on my computer.

But that is exactly where a lot of my pictures are.

I want to see and enjoy my pictures!

I have been struggling with this syndrome for a while.

There just doesn't ever seem to be enough time!
Who can't relate to that?

And if I do happen to have time, sometimes I just don't know where to start!

Well, along comes Close to My Heart.  My dear,old company that I have been a part of for 9 years! How'd that happen??

They had one of their very successful consultants, Lynn Como (thanks Lynn!), post a video about something that works for her.

Flip Flaps.

I was so very excited when Close to My Heart released this product a couple of years ago.
12x12 Horizontal Pocket Page

   I had been using some pocket pages to display my excess photos. . .and that works well, BUT, that can get kind of boring too.  There are just less options when you are always working with a certain size photo sleeve.  Pocket pages are very easy to use. . .no guessing. . .but there are less options!  And I like options!

In the video, she uses Flip Flaps on tons of her layouts!  A great way to incorporate lots of pictures, but to still have the look of a nicely done scrapbook page.

Sad, that I have owned these Flip Flaps for quite a while, but haven't really dug into using them, until now!  I've tried a couple of times, but I wasn't really sure how to use them. . .so that made me give up easy and move on to something else.

My family takes an annual Lake Trip to the same resort (which I have posted about before). . . and I take lots of pictures each year.  I have an album that is all about this trip and I love looking back on each year and seeing how the kids have grown!!  But, I do have a lot of the same types of pictures. . .going down the waterslide, swimmming in the same pool, mini-golf, etc. . . I don't need a gazillion scrapbook pages of each year.  

Enter the Flip Flaps.

I really hate to leave out some of the super cute pictures, just because I have enough.  I am a hoarder by nature and getting rid of perfectly good items is very tough for me!  Not as tough since we have moved several times. . ..but still tough!

Here is the first layout I did using the Flip Flaps. . . .

Above, is the page how it looks in the album.

Here the Flip Flap is open revealing the pictures underneath. 
It is like a complete other page under there!
And it is accessible. . no having to pull anything out.

And here is the Flip Flap partially open, so you can get a better idea of how it works. 

Here is the 2nd page of the layout. . how it would look in the album, with the Flip Flaps closed.

The Flip Flap completely open.

And again, as you open the Flip Flap up.

They come in several different sizes. . . 
The Flip Flaps I used was the Large Assortment z1325 4.95.  You get eight Flip Flaps (4) 6x12  (2) 4x12  (2) 8x12  
I used the 6x12 on both pages of my layout.

I have also used the 4x6 Flip Flaps.  
You get 15 4x6 for 3.95 Z4114.

Another option is the Small Assortment of Flip Flaps.
You get two each of 2x2 3x3 and 4x4.  3.95

Or the 6x6 Flip Flaps for 4.95

Flip Flaps have a sticky strip that you glue right to the outside of your page protector.  So you slip your Scrapbook Page into the Page Protector and put your Flip Flap on the outside.  That way, as you are flipping through your scrapbook album, it is easy to access all of your photos!!!  

If you want me to show you how to use these Flip Flaps, I would be happy to show you how!!!  I am so excited to use them! 

Just purchase whatever size flip flaps you would like to use and we can set up a time to go over them!  We can do this in person, via internet, or on the phone.  Whatever works best for you!

Other products used on these pages:

Surf's Up Paper Pack 9.95 x7168b

Surf's Up My Stickease Assortment 4.95 x7168c

Surf's Up Paper Pack 9.95 x7168b

Surf's Up My Stickease Assortment 4.95 x7168c

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