Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Project Life App


This is a mind blower.

Or for me it is anyway.

I created this layout on my phone.

Yes, you read that correctly.  ON MY PHONE!!

If you haven't heard already. . . or if you are interested in this sort of thing. . 

Becky Higgins. . .creator of Project Life. . .created an APP FOR YOUR PHONE where you can create layouts on your phone with some of her fantastic Project Life products.

I follow her on Facebook and instagram. . .and she has been alluding to the fact that an app was coming out for awhile.

I was like that sounds cool. . . .not sure how I would use it.

Ummm. . . .it is cool. . .and I am going to use it!  A lot!

I was excitedly telling my husband all about it. . .that I had created two layouts while he was in the shower. . .his response. . .well why do we need all of that fancy scrapbook equipment then?

Now. . .hold up a minute. . . this isn't going to replace my fancy scrapbooking all together.

So don't get all delusional that we will get rid of all of the stuff I have collected over the past decade plus some. . . 

What this app WILL do for me. . . 

         Help me keep UP and record our daily lives!

         I can scrapbook anywhere or anytime!  

         In line at school. . . at practices. . .lots of waiting on kids. . .heck while my husband 
        watches TV! 

       >>>>> I take A LOT of photos with my phone<<<<<

       My phone is handy and pretty much always with me.  
       And the pictures are OK.  Sometimes pretty good. . . sometimes not so good . . . 

       how easy will it be to document daily life?

       To snap a picture a day and have your week scrapped in minutes?

      I've never scrapbooked like that before,  because it was too overwhelming.

      It will enable me to DO SOMETHING WITH ALL OF MY PHONE PHOTOS!

     Like I said, they aren't the best photos. . . but they are a record of our daily lives. . .

     The little things.

     This WILL allow me to keep up a little bit better! 


What it WON'T do for me. . . . 

    replace my traditional scrapbooking all together. . . 

   I love to work with the products and pictures

   And I love to learn photography and take pictures with my      

     fancy camera

   There is still a place in my heart to scrapbook this way.

    BUT, I won't feel the pressure and I won't feel so overwhelmed     

     with it all!

Go to the APP Store and check it out!!!  

Read more about it HERE

Check out Becky Higgin's website here

For all of you who want to scrapbook. . .

 you just don't have the time or know where to start. . .I am so excited for you! 


You may be asking, but what do I do with the layouts once they are created?

There will be in app printing options sometime in the future.

She recommends Persnickety Prints (they have an app too), which I have never used, but I have heard good things about.

Close to My Heart  does 12x12 printing as well. . .and I am hoping I can upload these photos to the Studio J website and print them!  

And YES. . .I am still a Close to My Heart Consultant and I LOVE every minute of it!
I love their products and the company.  They are a very nice company to be a part of.  They treat us very well and it is an awesome community.

But, if you know me. . .well then you know that I love all sorts of scrapbooking and I have always loved Becky Higgins and her style!  I just had to share!!!

Have fun!  

And post some layouts!  



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