Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Little Late, but better than never??

Miss Hadley's First birthday happened this June.

I'm not sure where that year went.

I look at her everyday and wonder how she can possibly be so big?

It seems like I was just pregnant.

Well time does march on. . .very quickly I might add.

Thirteen years since this date in 2001?
That doesn't seem possible either.

Anyway, Hadley's party was Gold, White, Mint, and a little bit of pink thrown in.  Lots of Glitter and Glitz.  And loads of fun!

It rained. . .no it poured the entire afternoon.

My forward thinking husband thought to put up some tents outside, so our fish fry wouldn't be ruined.  We moved the party into the garage and all was well. .. if not a little wet! 

Hadley seemed to have a great time! 

She got into the cake eating. . .some of it with a fork.

She loved opening presents.

And she loved everyone singing to her.

Next month, my first born will turn 10!  YIKES!  

That is double digits!

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