Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I heart spring

Have I mentioned spring is my favorite season?
I'm sure I have :) 

I love the greenness. . .the newness. . .the warm sunshine. . .all of the pretty blooming bushes, trees, plants, and flowers. . .new baby animals. . .something about the renewal of spring and the anticipation of warmer days that just really gets me going!
Here are just a few spring pics!

  throwing out the Deer repellent.
Who knew they didn't like mint? 
 The deer mowed down our strawberries.  
You can still see a few blooms!
 Some of the flowers we picked up at the greenhouses last week!
Can't wait for some warmer nights, so I can get these in the ground and in their pots!

 The munchkins playing on the porch.  
I believe this girl is going to love gardening this year!

 Showing off their mushroom.
 Helping clean up around the pool in town.
 Riding the gator with her Papa.  
One of her very favorite things to do!
 Watering Gram's flowers!
 Stopping to smell the roses at the greenhouse! 
 Hard to get pics of this kid these days. 
He's playing around at Gram and Papa's here.
 Such a sweet girl in the morning. 
Can you spot the fungus in this picture?
 Taking a ride on our kubota.
 The boys planting our new trees.  This one is a Tulip tree.  
We also planted a Sugar Maple and a Gingko.
And this is the bread I was talking about yesterday.  These were our first two loaves!  You can see, we couldn't even wait to take a picture before we had to try it!  Nothing beats warm, fresh baked bread smeared with butter!

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