Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lions, Tigers, and Bears. . .oh my!

We spent a couple of days at the Omaha Zoo this week and it was fantastic!! This is probably my favorite picture of our trip! This polar bear was having fun taking a swim while we all were sweating like crazy!!

Brady and I hanging out in the tunnel aquarium! Sharks, turtles, and fish were swimming all around us! It was awesome!! I don't love the picture, but it is one of the only pictures of me on the vacation! I love how I have to beg for my hubby to take my picture when there are tons of him!!!!

The Omaha Zoo is wonderful. . .all of the exhibits are great!!!!! We took and train and tram ride and Brady thought that was pretty neat! We watched fireworks from our hotel over Rosenblatt Stadium! We were a perfect distance away and in the comfort of our own hotel room!!! This is my first trip to Nebraska or Iowa, so I was very excited to have now visited those states! Hopefully I will get to all 50 someday!!

I am so excited to use my new Expedition paper and zoo stamps to scrapbook our wonderful trip! Now if I can just find the time to do that in between all of these summer activities!!!!!

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