Monday, July 2, 2007

A rainy weekend at the lake. . .

The annual Tracy Family Tan-tar-a trip was this past weekend and like always we had a great time!! But unlike always, it rained almost the entire weekend!!! The sun stayed hidden the entire time!! We were sad we didn't get to soak up the sun, but we did have a great time hanging out together!! This bunch includes my family and my uncle's family. . .my cousins sister and I almost all have kids close to the same age. . .so it is fun for them to hang out and fun for all of the cousins to hang out too!!

The first picture is of all the Tracy grandkids. . . sitting on a table in front of the Lake of the Ozarks. My child is the one not cooperating. He poses great when I am taking pictures of him. . .put him in a group and he throws a fit. Sounds like my husband!!!
The second picture is of my nephew's feet. . .notice his flip flops are on the wrong feet. . .though we couldn't convince him of that. . .and he is walking through the parking lot and a nice flow of water! This is on Sunday morning before we left. . .we kept hoping we would wake up one of the mornings and the sun would shine! No such luck!!!

We are heading to the Omaha Zoo this week! I am excited!!! I have never been to Iowa or Nebraska and I am excited to be visiting both!! I hear the Zoo is amazing and I am sure Brady will love it!!! We have been trying to potty train. . .it had been going well until our lake trip. We will see what other interesting things occur while trying to vacation with a toddler and no diapers!!!!

I haven't worked on a newsletter yet for July! It will be coming soon, but a little later than normal.

Hope you have a happy fourth!!!

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