Sunday, July 8, 2007

One of Excelsior's finest. . .

Upon our return home Thursday evening. . .I turned on the news to see the picture of a truly remarkable girl plastered all over it. Brooke was an amazing person and I am so sadden by her untimely death. Upon first meeting her as a sixth grader, I was somewhat in awe of this cute little blonde. I mean, who is truly pretty at such an awkward time in their life? But not only was she pretty, but she was a kind, smart, and very talented little lady. I was not lucky enough to have her in my regular classroom. . . she was just the kind of student you couldn't help but notice in the hall and while subbing in her classroom. She had many friends on our team who spoke of her all the time. . .and seeing those same kids speak of her at her memorial service just broke my heart. I am sad for her family and friends, but also for the community. She truly seemed to be one of Excelsior's finest. Give your loved ones a hug and don't take anything for granted.

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