Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My top 5 new items. . .

OK, so I am going to get to order a few of the brand new Fall/Winter Close to My Heart items and I am trying to limit myself on what I order. That is very hard to do when I want everything!!! So I must say, my definite top 2 are:
1. New ditressing kit
2. Imagine- sequel to Cherish

I LOVE to distress things and I am very excited about this new kit! It is so cute. . .comes in a tool box and has all kinds of cute little tools! And I love my Cherish, so I have been anxiously awaiting this new book. . .if you haven't used Cherish or checked it out you really need to! I was a little skeptical at first. . .I didn't believe I needed another idea book. . .the catalog has tons of ideas itself, so why did I need to purchase another one. Well, I finally broke down and purchase Cherish, just to see what all the buzz was about. . .I was blown away! It is amazing! There are 50 different 2 page layouts. . .complete with a picture of the finished project. . .and complete list of products needed: how many patterned papers and cardstock you need. It shows you exactly how to cut each piece and then a complete recipe for putting it together! It also gives you different tips and techniques with each recipe! The great thing about this book is: if you are just beginning scrapbooking, it will help teach you how to cut paper and how to lay things out on a page! Pretty soon you will be an expert at figuring layouts out!! If you are more experience, it offers a quick way to get layouts done using the stash you already have! Many times I find myself just thumbing through it for inspiration, not to actually use the entire layout. OK, so obviously I am excited about Cherish and it's sequel, Imagine! Can't wait to try it out! In the new Idea Book, it gives a sample page for everyone to try! Good idea!

I love all the new kits, but I think I am going to buy Free Spirit first! I am really in love with it and it will look great with some of my Fall photos, though it will work for just about any occasion! There are some awesome stamps sets that go with it too, so of course I will have to have a couple of those!

3. Free Spirit (Paper pack and stickease, that only counts as one!)
4. Legendary Stamp Set
5. Star Struck Stamp Set

Other items I want and probably will add to my order:
6. New corner rounder (you can remove the guard and make a scalloped border with it!)
7. New Versamat (it is larger than 12x12 and has a great guide on it, plus the back is foam... perfect for stamping or for piercing things on!)

Now my wish list is pages longer than this. . .but this is a pretty good start. Now if I can just stick to it!!!!!

Here is a picture of my two little helpers in my scrapbook area the other day. . .they sure thought they were cute! And I might have to agree!

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