Sunday, September 16, 2007

Share your own art on my Community!

I had such a great time scrapbooking on Saturday. . .though I didn't get much done. . .I really never do at my own crops. . .I did have a great time chatting and catching up with everyone!! Here is are four of the layouts that I was able to take pictures of at the crop. . . thanks Sara, Jonetta, Melissa, and Gloria for your beautiful layouts!!!

to see more of the dozens of layouts I took pictures of on Saturday. . .just visit my website and click on the Community section. You will need a username and password. . .use ~guest username and ctmh password. . .or email me and I will set you up with your own username and password!

Some still escaped without having any pictures taken!!!! Next time!!! Or, just upload them yourself!! That is what the art board is there for!! So everyone can share their artwork! It really is pretty simple to upload pictures to it! If you need help, just contact me and I will be glad to walk you through it! Here are some simple steps to get you going. . .

1) take a picture or scan the object you wish to post. . .I just use my digital camera and take a picture of the card, layout, or whatever it is I am wanting to post.
2) I then crop the picture so that only the object is in the screen, but this step isn't necessary.
3)Save the project somewhere on your computer
4) Log in to the Community section of my website
5)Click on the art section
6)Click on the section you want to upload your art to (ie. Customer's Layouts)
7)Click on upload
8) click on browse. . .find the spot where you saved your picture
9) select it
10) make sure you write your name in the description and something about your art
11) click on save

that should do it. . .I may not be using all the right terms. . .let me know if you need any help!!!! You can also write a summary of the art. . .like paper, stamps, embellishments, techniques used!! People will want to know. . .how did they do that?

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