Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vandals strike our farm. . .

This used to be a shed that my husband and father-in-law built themselves and vandals tore down on Tuesday night. It is still unbelievable how destructive these people were. We awoke Wednesday morning to find four expensive pieces of equipment submerged in a water hole, every shed and barn door torn off, this shed torn down, and a parking lot full of equipment that had been run into each other.

I have never seen anything quite like it and I can't imagine who would have done something like this and why would they have done it?

So our life has been pretty crazy this week, with the vandalism and all the other stuf going on! Nancy and I spent part of a rainy day at Lexington's Apples, Arts, and Antiques Festival. Not a great day for festivals! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

The computer is moving slow tonight and I am tired. . .I will try and post more pictures of the destruction soon!

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